Weather or Not…

Hey Morse Diving Buddies,

There is one thing that you absolutely must give New England credit for—we have the craziest weather around! These past few days we have had a Nor’ Easter on Saturday and 60 degree weather on Wednesday! In Massachusetts, big mamma nature gave us  all trick no treat for Halloween:

With the unpredictability of our region it can be difficult to plan out diving excursions for both pleasure divers and business divers…but for those of us who have diving in our blood, hearts, and souls…NOTHING stands in the way of a good dive!

Whether you live up here in New England, or have the good fortune to be some place eternally sunny, the temperatures are dropping. It is time to get out the cold water gear! This time of year separates the hobbyists from the true divers! A true diver does not let that freezing cold water deter him or her from the magic and exhilaration of exploring the depths of the ocean…it only adds to the adrenalin rush!

   So to all of my Morse Diving Buddies, my diving phonemes, suite up, stay warm, stay safe,  and stop by our new and improved Morse Diving, Inc page for all of your cold water diving needs:

Also, please share any and all diving pictures at

We love to share in your passion because it is our passion too!

‘Till Next Time